Which size Ultimate Treat Pouch™ should I choose - Standard or Large?

Great question. Deciding between the Large or Standard treat pouch may not solely be dependent on the size or breed of your dog. While there is the obvious difference in capacity between the two, a few other factors may be considered to help with your decision. 

 Along with having a smaller footprint, the Standard pouch uses a belt that is slightly narrower and has a custom designed buckle that is also smaller in size when compared to the buckle that comes with the Large pouch. The combination of the lighter belt and pouch result in a net weight savings of approximately 60 grams or 2 ounces. When every bit matters such as on a strenuous hike while carrying heavy gear, this is worth considering. The base of the Standard pouch is about half an inch flatter, so it sits more flush when worn on a belt. 

The Large pouch is almost two inches taller when compared to the Standard, yet can hold approximately one cup more. This may be useful during longer outings or training sessions. Due to its wider base, the pouch can be freestanding while doubling as a water bowl which is a convenient feature when sharing water from a single bottle on an outdoor excursion.

Another convenient option now made possible with our Adventure Clip™ is to use two pouches on one belt! The pouches may carry treats of different value to your dog, such as kibble in one and tasty raw treats in the other. Alternatively, one pouch may be loaded with food, and the other may hold your dog’s favorite toy such as a ball on a string. Due to the design of the belt, carrying more than one Voilà pouch at at time is an accessible option.

We hope this information helps in making your selection. Ultimately, you really can’t go wrong with either size!