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The Adventure Clip

Add versatility to your Ultimate Treat Pouch

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Why You Need It

The Adventure Clip is a multi-functional and stylish accessory, thoughtfully designed to add versatility to your Ultimate Treat Pouch*. Made from tough, weather-resistant polymer, this slide-in clip makes it easy to remove and attach your pouch from a variety of surfaces. Quickly slip a belt on and off through the slot, clip the pouch onto your pants pocket, or even attach it to another bag or backpack - the Adventure Clip gives you more options so that you and your pooch can always be ready to go!

*Note: Pouch sold separately. 

Pre-order only. Expected to ship by 12/15/2022

Customer Reviews

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Jessica C. (Chattanooga, TN, US)
Helpful lil guy

Absolutely love having the option to clip my pouch to myself, as well as all of the things around me, the car, my bag, the DOG. Worth the extra couple bucks to add to your order for sure!

Judith G. (Las Vegas, NV, US)

The Adventure Clip

Kaycie M. (Miami, FL, US)
Really quick delivery!!

I’m so happy since I got my package in less then 5 days

Sammi J. (Gresham, OR, US)
The Adventure Clip

I really like the Adventure clip. My pouch was starting to tear a bit, I think because of the hay pellets I use for the horses are heavy. The Adventure Clip solved the issue for me. It's also nice that you can easily take it on and off of the belt.

Key Features

Compatible with all Standard and Large versions of the Ultimate Treat Pouch
Designed to stylishly and seamlessly compliment the look of the pouch
Weather-resistant and durable, made from tough, injection-molded polymer
Easily attach your pouch to a variety of different surfaces
Designed to hold your pouch in place through the most rigorous of activities

Additional Information

How to Install

REMOVE THE BELT Carefully remove the belt from the back of the pouch by gently sliding it off.

OPEN THE BAG Locate the silicone-coated metal strip that’s behind the two vertical slits.

SLIDE THE CLIP Add one drop of lubricating oil to each hook and carefully attach the clip by hooking the attachment points to the metal strip, from bottom to top.

LOCK THE CLIP Slide the clip onto the metal strip; an audible ‘click’ insures your new clip is properly attached.

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