Open image in slideshow, Ultimate Treat Pouch - Standard 16 oz
Open image in slideshow, Ultimate Treat Pouch - Standard 16 oz
Open image in slideshow, Ultimate Treat Pouch - Standard 16 oz
Open image in slideshow, Ultimate Treat Pouch - Standard 16 oz
Open image in slideshow, Ultimate Treat Pouch - Standard 16 oz
Open image in slideshow, Ultimate Treat Pouch - Standard 16 oz

Ultimate Treat Pouch - Standard 16 oz

Ideal for smaller stomachs and shorter outings

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Why You Need It

Behind every good dog is a great trainer. And behind every great trainer is an arsenal of tools and resources. After years of trialling dozens of treat pouches, we were determined to engineer a training tool that solves every design challenge. Crafted from the highest-quality, food-grade silicone, this multipurpose style transitions from treat carrier to waterproof drinking bowl on the go. A spring-assisted closure makes it easy to open and secure, giving you quick access to treats, while a sturdy adjustable belt stays put no matter what. It’s a highly efficient and easy-to-clean delivery system, capable of storing your dog’s food while prolonging its freshness. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Leanne (Hercules, CA, US)
Great product and great customer service.

Love this bag!!! So easy to clean. Nice belt. Love the hinge oil included. So thoughtfully designed. Bonus, when I had trouble with my bag customer service was prompt, friendly and really darn helpful! I have plans to purchase the larger size.

Jacky P. (Sandwich, MA, US)
Love this pouch

It's one of the best pouches I have used for dog training! As a professional dog trainer I am always looking for a pouch that can keep up with my schedule. Well, I have found it! This is one that is washable and closes at the top and the belt is amazing too!

Alyssa C. (Philadelphia, PA, US)

Ultimate Treat Pouch - Standard 16 oz

Jordan H. (Schaumburg, IL, US)
Love it!

Best treat pouch on the market!

Key Features

Made from tear-resistant, non-toxic, BPA-free, 100% food-grade silicone
Spring-assisted closure prevents unwanted access and spillage
Designed with a wide-access mouth for speedy treat delivery
Easy-to-clean, stink-proof, antimicrobial material
Sturdy and adjustable belt and clasp

Additional Information

How to Care

1. Using the tube of oil we’ve provided, lubricate your pouch when it becomes slightly sticky.

2. Insert the tip of the tube into the holes at the bottom of each corner, squeezing a drop or two of oil while holding the pouch upside down.

3. Open and close the pouch to distribute the oil evenly.

Some oils may damage silicone. We recommend using only the lubricant we’ve provided.

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How to Clean

Use lukewarm water and mild detergent for the best results. Check our FAQs for more details on how to clean.

Avoid harsh chemicals.

Dishwasher is not recommended.

How to Strap

ATTACH THE BELT: Thread the belt’s rounded end into the right opening and out of the left opening on the back of the pouch. Slide the elastic loop over the rounded end toward the pouch.

CONNECT THE BUCKLE: With the buckle’s pointed tab facing left, loop the rounded belt end through the buckle opening to the right of the silver bar. Work it under the bar and up through the opening to the left of the bar. Pull to adjust to desired length.

SECURE THE BUCKLE: Thread the belt’s excess length through the elastic loop. Lock the buckle in place by connecting both ends until you hear an audible click. The Voilà logo should face out.

RELEASE THE BUCKLE: Press both brass tabs simultaneously.

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• Pouch Dimension: 8” x 5”
• Buckle Length: 47”
• Volume: 16 oz (2 Cups)


• Pouch Dimension: 8” x 5.75”
• Buckle Length: 47”
• Volume: 24 oz (3 Cups)